Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Write-In

As you may have found out by now, the ballot to name the Seattle MLS team was given a write-in option. "For fans who are passionate about a different name." Gee, I wonder what they mean by that? I dunno, gotta keep looking toward the future I guess.

OK, no more whining. In the end, "Sounders" supporters got what they wanted- a chance to vote on the name that really means "soccer." Now, I haven't been a Sounder supporter as long as some. I've only been following them since half-way 2006. But I've been a sports fan all my life. What does this have to do with the "Sounders?" Easy, sports- all sports- are about tradition. You think the guys in Pittsburgh are concerned with how their team will fare in 20 years? Not at all. They're remembering the glory days of the Steel Curtain and the Bus' Superbowl victory over the Seahawks.

When they asked for team name suggestions and the overwhelming response was "Sounders" of some form, I figured they would follow their pocketbooks at least and give the fans what they wanted- the name that kept Seattle's soccer tradition alive: Sounders. And after the three names were leaked, I was a "tad" upset that Sounders wasn't even considered. It was the one name that most of us could agree on. It was an easy marketing task and no effort was even made towards the fans and supporters. After only two-and-a-half years, I really was "Sounders 'til I die!"

Now, we do get to at least vote it up or down. And I can only keep my fingers crossed until April 7 when the name announcement is made. Please, go to MLS in Seattle and write in "Seattle Sounders." Thanks, everybody.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Statement from the Emerald City Supporters

We, the Emerald City Supporters, lament the fact that the new Seattle MLS team will not carry the "Sounders" name. We feel that the name is entwined with the soccer "soul" of the region. It is a representation of the Puget Sound area and an expression of Seattle's imprint on the world's game. Furthermore, we feel that it is by recognizing the past that helps move us toward the future. When Seattle MLS asked for team name suggestions after the expansion announcement, 60% and more of the respondents wanted some form of the "Sounders" name. If the team name vote is to be the decision of the fans, why is "Sounders" not on the list?

While we will support the new team regardless of name, we will also still lobby the front office to officially change the name to "Seattle Sounders." Please join us and let the front office know your position as well. If the Fans and Supporters are loud enough, the hope is the front office will come to share in our dream- Seattle Sounders, MLSCup Champions!!!

Thank you.